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The predecessor of Anshan Enron, Anshan city gas company, was established in 1953. It is a subordinate branch of the Anshan gas general company. At that time, our factory mainly maintained the gas meter in Anshan city and the surrounding area.
Grow up
In 60s, because of the maintenance experience of the factory workers and the technical personnel's accumulation of technology, under the organization of the factory, the gas meter that our factory independently developed was marked as the "saddle coal" gas meter, and began to put into production. In 70s, our factory expanded the scale of production, and at the same time introduced two gas meters. In the early 80s, our factory and the second largest gas meter production plant in China - Liaoning Fengcheng Gas Meter General Factory established a cooperative relationship, and our factory is responsible for the maintenance of the gas meter produced by Fengcheng table plant in the surrounding area of Liaoning.
From the end of 80s to the beginning of 90s, our factory reached the peak of development. At that time, 5 and 6 gas meters were produced at the same time, and only two of the Fengcheng gas meter assembly reached 20 thousand yuan per year. The factory covers an area of 10000 square meters, a three storey office building, 3 production workshops and 1 large warehouses, with a total number of more than 300 people.
Fall curtain
The turbulent market tide surged, and the development of our factory in the middle and late 90s was at a low ebb. Due to various unfavorable factors such as politics, economy, strategy and brain drain, enterprises are in trouble. At the beginning of 2004, the Anshan gas company's meter factory entered a stage of restructuring, and from then on, a state-owned enterprise embarked on the privatization of shareholding system. In the same year, the original factory director of the meter factory took over the heavy burden of revitalizing the old factory. However, with the deepening of the reform, the scale and influence of the enterprise have become smaller and smaller. Finally, it failed to withstand the baptism of the boom of the market and stopped production in 2005. Enterprises stop production, a large number of workers laid off, disbanded, a part of the technical backbone of their own way, the other part of the Anshan city inspection station, responsible for maintenance of the gas meter in Anshan and its surrounding areas.
In October 23, 2008, the chairman of the current company, Liu Peishun, led his team and founded the Anshan Enron Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. on the basis of the technical staff of the old table. At the same time, it opened a new chapter of Anshan gas meter industry.
In April 2009, after nearly half a year's intense preparations, Anshan Enron was formally put into production. Under the efforts of the leadership of the company, Enron became one of the gas equipment suppliers in Liaoning province of China ODA group, and established a good cooperative relationship with Zhejiang Weixing group.
In 2010, it was a good year to start. Enron passed the rigorous examination of Shanghai verification station and successfully entered the Shanghai market. In the same year, the Enron gas meter also opened the gas equipment market in Dalian.
In 2011, Enron opened the gate of the Shandong Peninsula through the Ji'nan verification station. In the same year, it became a partner with the Hong Kong and China group and opened the Tieling gas market.
In 2012, Enron got the access certificate of PetroChina Kunlun Gas Co. In the same year, Enron and Hangzhou to park became partners.
In 2014, Enron IC card ladder gas meter was exported to Heilongjiang Daqing Gas Co.
In April 2015, Enron worked with Jiangxi Chenming company and Enron straw gas meter was introduced into the Jiangxi gas market. 
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ADD:2 free street, Li Shan District, Anshan